The TRUTH about Funeral Prices

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A recent study cited that less than a quarter of funeral homes surveyed listed prices on their website. Let’s be real here, it’s 2015 the internet has been around for a while and a funeral home still cannot list their prices on their website? What Gives???


Are you ready for the truth?


Many consumers think funeral home prices are all the same and refuse to shop and compare. We shop for nearly everything, but when it comes to shopping for funerals or cremations we still refuse to see what options are out there. The other side of this is the industry knows this and has no reason to be transparent. You are going to call them anyway.


We are the only funeral home in Central Texas that list our prices online for everyone to see. We rather let our consumers have powerful information at their fingertips than a bunch of fluff about how old our firm is or any other fact than what consumers need….Prices!

Did you know?

  1. A funeral home MUST give you price information over the phone.
  2. A funeral director MUST give you a preprinted written General Price List if you inquire about services in person, BEFORE you begin discussing funeral prices.
  3. The cost of a cremation can vary from $600 – $3000 for a basic cremation.
  4. You have the right to select services you want without packages that force you to accept items you do not desire or need.

We want you to have price information so that you can make a better informed decision about funeral and cremation planning on your terms.


Robert J. Falcon is the owner of Affordable Burial & Cremation Service. With over 25 years of experience in the funeral industry, Robert has focused the last 20 years on educating consumers about their rights and providing affordable options for families.

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3 thoughts on “The TRUTH about Funeral Prices

  1. Bryan says:

    I am not seeing your price list on your web site.

  2. Bryan,

    Our prices are listed by category on the ‘Cremation Cost’ and ‘Funeral Cost’ pages of our site.

    For a General Price List you can see those in our ‘Forms Library’ on the ‘Make Arrangements Now’ page.

    Caskets are all priced on our ‘Casket Selection’ on the ‘Funeral Cost’ tab

  3. Eric Kuge says:

    Well! Many providers charge you extra at the time of cremation, so its better to spend some time researching what you feel is the right options. Make sure the price covers funeral director costs, cremation and minister prices.

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