A death in the family

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We as professionals deal with death and loss constantly and we feel the sting of loss just as much as our client families. Death became personal this week when our family suffered the loss of a beloved family member who at the age of 45 succumbed to cancer. We knew things had taken a turn earlier in the week when on thursday our family member who had been in the hospital since September 8th was placed into an inpatient hospice facility. Our family member then left us in the early hours of Saturday morning September 19th.
The sting we feel is real and the loss is profound. The toughest thing in running a family owned funeral business is that even though we are suffering and having a bad day, our families who have trusted us are having a much worse day. I will let that sink in for a minute. We in a very short amount of time had to make the same decisions, your family has to make.

  • Cremation or Burial?
  • Memorial Services or No Services?
  • Do we have a viewing?
  • Do we need a casket?
  • Do we need an Urn?
  • Are we having the service at a church?
  • Who do we need to notify?
  • What about an obituary?
  • Where are out of town family members staying?

The most difficult part of our business is putting other families first when we have suffered a loss as well. Our families deserve the same care and attention though we are balancing the same feelings of hurt, pain, shock, separation and loss We have to be the pillar of comfort and care to our business and clients.

As we take time this weekend to gather as a family and friends to celebrate our loved one’s life, we will take a small break and then go right back to what we do daily in caring for the many families who trust our family to care for them at a difficult time.

“Oh death where is thy sting?” We acknowledge the sting of death is real, and we share in the same feelings many of you have at this difficult time. Though we do this everyday the sting of loss is no less than what you may feel. The one thing we feel best about is our experience in helping others and what families have shared with us, helped us in planning a ceremony fitting for our loved one.


Robert J. Falcon is the owner of Affordable Burial & Cremation Service. With over 25 years of experience in the funeral industry, Robert has focused the last 20 years on educating consumers about their rights and providing affordable options for families.

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