They went thata way…

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Remember the old movies and in the midst of the chase the good guy ask “Which way did the bad guy go?” and the innocent bystander exclaims “He went thata way!” pointing in several directions. Choices_Direction_Arrows

Do you really know where your loved one goes for cremation?

The funeral director told you they have an “On-Site Crematory”, but did not really say where that crematory was. He was very kind on the phone so why would you think any different?

So let’s answer some myths.

1. “On-site crematory” means the crematory sits inside a funeral establishment or cemetery.

2. Just because the funeral director told you they had an ‘on-site crematory’ DOES NOT mean that crematory is located where you think it is.

3. There are many funeral homes that take bodies to third party crematories and your loved one gets in line with bodies from other funeral homes for cremation.

4. Some ‘on-site crematories’ may be several counties over from where you thought your loved one was cared for.



Even worse some of the cheap cremation places load up as many bodies as they can in a van and drive 2 hours to a ‘on-site’ crematory and then your loved one waits for cremation and then transported back with  numerous cremated remains of other deceased to the place you thought mom or dad was at. No one considers that the driving of such long distances on dangerous highways such as IH35 is just asking for an accident to happen, or even worse something happens to your loved one, though you never knew mom or dad was being taken on such a journey. All in the name of saving money because of cheap cremation.

There are even places that ‘specialize’ in cremation that have no crematory or licensed facility for you to visit. Your first clue should be the low price.

Cheap cremation does not always mean Affordable Cremation. We are proud to be an Affordable Cremation Service.

Our Guarantee:

Your loved one is cared for and cremated at our cremation center.

Once your loved one is removed by our staff they are brought to our care center and no other transportation is necessary.

We point out the address to our crematory facility to your family so you know where your loved one is cared for and cremated at.

We have a licensed Crematory facility operated by Certified Crematory Operators.

We are the Only Affordable Cremation company in Travis County with an On-Site crematory in our licensed funeral establishment.

You can always schedule an appointment to visit our facility.



Robert J. Falcon is the owner of Affordable Burial & Cremation Service. With over 25 years of experience in the funeral industry, Robert has focused the last 20 years on educating consumers about their rights and providing affordable options for families.

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